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RFC'ers map

Christine Dabney created and maintains the RFC'ers Map - so we can see where in the world everyone is located. Please click on the link (or the map image) below to go to the map. Once there, you can place your 'marker'. NB: There is a useful 'Zoom-in' tool at the top left corner of the map that can be used to see in more detail who lives where.

Christine has added some new features to the map:

If you put a marker there, and want to redo it, you now have the option of editing it yourself. BUT, you only have 1 hour from the time you place that marker to redo it...or delete it. After that, I still have to do the editing/deleting, etc.

Also, you can now search for your address as a way to place a marker..it brings it down to street level. - Christine Dabney